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The Big Voice is really warming up now

I've been very closely following Plant's solo career for a very long time.  
Since the dawn of the Strange Sensation in or around 2000, he's tended to 
follow the same pattern with his tours, which is to say that he starts off 
using a rather restrained approach, emphasizing the subtleties of his singing 
voice as opposed to the power of his more famous voice.  As the tour 
progresses, whether because he's warmed into it or because he just wants to let 
loose, "that" voice (he referred to it recently as his "Big Voice") starts to 
become more and more prominent, and by the last leg(s), he really lets things 
For an example of what I'm saying, check out any early Band of Joy show on 
YouTube and then compare it to a show from the last couple of months of the BOJ 
tour.  Totally different experiences.
Well, I've been casually following YouTube clips of the SSS performances since 
last year and I can see the same thing happening now.  I just looked at a 
couple of tunes from a few days ago (somewhere in an outdoor venue in Oregon) 
and he's using the Big Voice a lot more now than he did even in South America 
or Oz/NZ.  
I'd expect it to continue, so those of you who are within a reasonable 
proximity of one of the remaining shows during July, I think you're in for a 
treat ... especially if your only exposure to the SSS was last year's UK shows 
or even those from earlier this year.
I, personally, am "dead chuffed," as Bonzo would say, to be hitting the 
Brooklyn show (last in the US) at the end of the month.