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Re: turntables

> Not to send you too far down the rabbit hole, but once you decide to upgrade 
> cart from MM to MC you may need to buy outboard Phono Pre for it unless Arcam 
> has a switch for the voltage difference of MC. A cart that has good synergy 
> with your Rega is important. While it is easy to drop near $1K on such an 
> upgrade the sound will improve massively, assuming vinyl is clean and skip 
> free. 

The first question anybody asks about cost of upgrades is does it make sense to 
have a cart/phono pre that is much more than what the TT costs. Find a 
personable audiophile dealer and do listening tests with your vinyl and you'll 
find the answer is a resounding YES. On the other hand, affordability is the 
bottom line.

Happy Listening,