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Robert Plant tour news...

Would love to be hearing from folks that are seeing our fearless leather lunged 
legend.... hint hint..

In the meantime here's a pretty cool article with a feel good note to it. Lotsa 
money brought in by this rock star twent to a worthy cause. LOTSA money! with 
the Stars & Stripes behind it... ; )

"The difference between a headliner and a rock star is the reaction. People 
line the sidewalk to scream as the rock star walks from the nearby hotel to the 
stage. People crane their necks to get that first glimpse of the rock star. A 
very real anticipation surrounds the rock star.
Robert Plant is a rock star."


"So they made somewhat controversial call. To get in Sunday, you had to buy a 
four-day pass. Or a single-day ticket. This had never been done in previous 25 
years of the festival, and change is never embraced by everyone, and some 
people were mad, and they said so.
But what the festival did worked. It worked because the festival is presented 
by the Oregon Food Bank. It benefits the Oregon Food Bank. And when they 
unrolled the over-sized check after Taj Mahal's set, the amount listed was 
That's $1.3 MILLION. A record amount. By 3 p.m., they'd moved more than 15,500 
passes for the day."