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Re: Sabbath 13 NZC

Been to see the modern Sabbath with Ozzy and the wicked new drummer. I really 
recommend seeing them. Children of the grave was awesome, had the whole arena 
moshing. They were in Auckland 22 may. J

On 3/07/2013, at 8:28 AM, Kip Bilderback <KBilderback@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It's a rainy day here in St. Louis - not very summery at all.  Somehow the 
> idea of going into my parents basement to listen to music for hours while I 
> get a little bent (insert your favorite bending ingredients) sounds really 
> wonderful.....
> Has anyone here had a good listen to the new Sabbath album? I bought it 
> yesterday, Im going to go see them in a few weeks, and figured I would get 
> familiar with their new stuff. I ran though it twice since yesterday, and I 
> would swear to god I heard all this stuff back in 1976 while I was hittin the 
> Bong in the basement when my parents were out.
> I really expected a little more, it sounds like it could have been released 
> anywhere between their first album and Volume 4....Same old same old.....
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