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Re: Sabbath 13 NZC

Has anyone here had a good listen to the new Sabbath album? I bought it yesterday, Im going to go see them in a few weeks, and figured I would get familiar with their new stuff. I ran though it twice since yesterday, and I would swear to god I heard all this stuff back in 1976 while I was hittin the Bong in the basement when my parents were out. I really expected a little more, it sounds like it could have been released anywhere between their first album and Volume 4....Same old same old.....

That is the exact praise being heaped upon this release.

I'm a huge Sabbath fan, next to Bonham, Bill Ward has been one of my biggest drumming influences and for that exact reason I find this release to be mediocre at best. They should have ran as fast as they could away from Rick Ruben who pushed them in this re-live your past glories sound they have achieved on this new Sabbath for 2013. Brad Wilk is average at best to these ears, this recording is missing that swing and orchestration that Bill Ward brought to the Sabbath Ozzy era releases. Just my two cents worth if you will...YMMV!