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Re: Kennedy Center Comments

I generally agree with this. 
Thought Jack Black was fine
Foo Fighters were adequate.

Sorry, but i just can't believe they couldn't have found someone better than 
Kid Rock to honor Led Zeppelin. Being a fan or referring to Zep tunes on his 
albums shouldn't be enough to get him on the bill.  He doesn't have a good 
voice for rock. Ill defer to others as to whether he was a good rapper.  

I liked Lenny Kravitz.

I agree, Heart w/Jason & choir was definitely the highlight. 

Cant get too upset- - I don't really like seeing anyone do LZ tunes other than 
LZ (though I did enjoy hearing Heart do Rock n Roll in 1979!)

On Dec 27, 2012, at 1:11 PM, Ron Tippin wrote:

> Funny how vastly different perceptions can be. I thought Jack Black was 
> perfect. It seemed the band loved him as well. Definitely the best tribute of 
> the night to their rock and roll spirit, IMO. 
> I personally found the musical tributes to be sadly inadequate...
> Foo Fighters: A weak start. Grohl should have been in front, with Hawkins on 
> drums. Let it go, Dave; you're not gonna be the drummer of Led Zeppelin, and 
> you're not cut out to be.
> Kid Rock: If ever there was a sacrilege perpetrated in the name of Led 
> Zeppelin, this was it. Whose brilliant idea was it to allow this third-rate 
> yahoo  to caterwaul his way into Zep history? Ugh.
> Lenny Kravitz: Not too bad, but a far cry from the performance this song 
> deserved, and the artist it deserved to have play it.
> Heart/Jason Bonham: That's more like it. Ann Wilson is in a class all her 
> own. Beautiful. The choir was a nice touch. Would've been nice to have 
> heard/seen somebody more prominent/with more rock mojo play the guitar solo 
> (Dean Deleo, perhaps?). Can't go wrong with the Wilson sisters doing Led 
> Zeppelin, with John Bonham's son on drums!
> There's another opinion worth two cents to throw into the mix! ;)
> On Dec 27, 2012, at 12:48 PM, "maria callas" <vocals7851@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I think it was ridiculous to have Jack Black introduce Led Zeppelin. Really? 
>>  Jack Black?  He made a time-star joke out of the band in my opinion.  Led 
>> Zeppelin deserved way better than that.  Selling their souls to the devil - 
>> how f**king cliche.  Dial-a-cliche.
>> I did think it was pathetic that there was gaping silence in the audience 
>> when Jack Black said "BONZO"...
>> Robert Plant wiped away a tear at the end of Stairway.  I can't believe the 
>> earth didn't stop spinning.  Frankly, I think he was thinking of Bonzo and 
>> his son (Karac).  
>> I noticed Pat behind JPJ, and PG behind Plant.  Anyone notice if anybody was 
>> stationed behind Page?
>> I think Kid Rock probably asked to do that, rather than he got invited.
>> Lenny K. is overrated.  Obama is fake.  Hawkins' vocals SUCK.
>> Whew!
>> God Bless Us All :)
>> .-.. . -.. / --.. . .--. .--. . .-.. .. -.
>> "The Rolling Stones changed the sound of rock. 
>> And The Beatles changed the sound of music.
>> But Led Zeppelin changed the very sound of sound."