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Re: Kennedy Center Comments

Funny how vastly different perceptions can be. I thought Jack Black was 
perfect. It seemed the band loved him as well. Definitely the best tribute of 
the night to their rock and roll spirit, IMO. 

I personally found the musical tributes to be sadly inadequate...

Foo Fighters: A weak start. Grohl should have been in front, with Hawkins on 
drums. Let it go, Dave; you're not gonna be the drummer of Led Zeppelin, and 
you're not cut out to be.

Kid Rock: If ever there was a sacrilege perpetrated in the name of Led 
Zeppelin, this was it. Whose brilliant idea was it to allow this third-rate 
yahoo  to caterwaul his way into Zep history? Ugh.

Lenny Kravitz: Not too bad, but a far cry from the performance this song 
deserved, and the artist it deserved to have play it.

Heart/Jason Bonham: That's more like it. Ann Wilson is in a class all her own. 
Beautiful. The choir was a nice touch. Would've been nice to have heard/seen 
somebody more prominent/with more rock mojo play the guitar solo (Dean Deleo, 
perhaps?). Can't go wrong with the Wilson sisters doing Led Zeppelin, with John 
Bonham's son on drums!

There's another opinion worth two cents to throw into the mix! ;)

On Dec 27, 2012, at 12:48 PM, "maria callas" <vocals7851@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I think it was ridiculous to have Jack Black introduce Led Zeppelin. Really?  
> Jack Black?  He made a time-star joke out of the band in my opinion.  Led 
> Zeppelin deserved way better than that.  Selling their souls to the devil - 
> how f**king cliche.  Dial-a-cliche.
> I did think it was pathetic that there was gaping silence in the audience 
> when Jack Black said "BONZO"...
> Robert Plant wiped away a tear at the end of Stairway.  I can't believe the 
> earth didn't stop spinning.  Frankly, I think he was thinking of Bonzo and 
> his son (Karac).  
> I noticed Pat behind JPJ, and PG behind Plant.  Anyone notice if anybody was 
> stationed behind Page?
> I think Kid Rock probably asked to do that, rather than he got invited.
> Lenny K. is overrated.  Obama is fake.  Hawkins' vocals SUCK.
> Whew!
> God Bless Us All :)
> .-.. . -.. / --.. . .--. .--. . .-.. .. -.
> "The Rolling Stones changed the sound of rock. 
> And The Beatles changed the sound of music.
> But Led Zeppelin changed the very sound of sound."