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Kennedy Center Comments

I think it was ridiculous to have Jack Black introduce Led Zeppelin. Really?  
Jack Black?  He made a time-star joke out of the band in my opinion.  Led 
Zeppelin deserved way better than that.  Selling their souls to the devil - how 
f**king cliche.  Dial-a-cliche.

I did think it was pathetic that there was gaping silence in the audience when 
Jack Black said "BONZO"...

Robert Plant wiped away a tear at the end of Stairway.  I can't believe the 
earth didn't stop spinning.  Frankly, I think he was thinking of Bonzo and his 
son (Karac).  

I noticed Pat behind JPJ, and PG behind Plant.  Anyone notice if anybody was 
stationed behind Page?

I think Kid Rock probably asked to do that, rather than he got invited.

Lenny K. is overrated.  Obama is fake.  Hawkins' vocals SUCK.


God Bless Us All :)

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"The Rolling Stones changed the sound of rock. 
And The Beatles changed the sound of music.
But Led Zeppelin changed the very sound of sound."