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Re: Karma and the Grammys??

a real good slap on music industry Grant. i agree with you.

how far the criteria goes back when selecting songs for grammies? why
not ALS then? and does it matter actually? i don't think so.

true fans and artists don't give a damn about awards. a great song and
a heartfelt companion of thousands in arenas even after 40 years are
the greatest award for both parties.

i, on my behalf, buy an album if i like it and will not buy it if i
don't like it even jimmy page or robert plant produces it. i didn't
like firm's mean business, robert's dreamland, mighty rearranger and
raising sand and i will not buy them. but this is my choice.

if you want some good solo robert go to:





On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 8:20 PM, Grant Burgess
<grantburgess2001@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Now that I've done my share of saying maybe a little bit Karma went around. 
> In a nutshell, today we seem to be living in an era of greed where decisions 
> seemed to based on money and not content or quality. Plant did what he wanted 
> to do as an artist and did not choose the past of the most revenue.
> The other side of the coin is the fact that Plant won so many awards.
> Let's look at the award of Please Read The Letter.
> It came from Walking into Clarksdale. A lot of us had mixed feelings on the 
> album. There are probably a lot of Led zeppelin fans (not on this list) who 
> don't even know it exists.
> Remember in 98 during the tour, how busy the beer stands and lineups for the 
> toilets got when a song from WIC was played.
> If a stale fart from a 10 year old album can get redone and win a Grammy 
> Award, what does that say about the music industry's ability to develop and 
> create new new music?
> Maybe Plant won those awards because he didn't have too much competition.
> Take care
> Grant
> --- On Wed, 2/11/09, Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: Karma and the Grammys??
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>> Received: Wednesday, February 11, 2009, 9:41 AM
>> grantburgess2001@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>> > First of all I like to remind people that I like to
>> have disagreements with people here. This is a discussion
>> list and notice that Nech is disagreeing with me without
>> making any personal attacks on me.
>> >
>> It's called respect bud!
>> > wanna be fans who want a tour to happen as well. Those
>> are the people who show up at the shows because they want to
>> be seen there, impress a date that they scored tickets for
>> the show, talk on the cell phone in the middle of the show,
>> etc.
>> Yes those are alot of people and I hate those people!
>> Believe it or not there were those people at O2!
>> > The political thing and the media is a bit of sarcasm.
>> > Basically I am comparing Robert to other people who
>> are making obscene amounts of money. Robert won't give
>> up a year of his life and basically keep his hands clean to
>> make $200 m because of his principles. Yet on Wall Street,
>> there are a lot of executives who have screwed over the
>> American Public and made amounts much less than $200 m.
>> >
>> True, and unbelievably even when being rescued they still
>> managed to give themselves golden parachutes.
>> But on a whole I say we keep business and politics off list
>> unless of course it's business related to our boys.
>> Right now, I need a new car. : (  The final death knolls
>> are chiming for my beloved Jeep. at 152K the engine is still
>> strong but little things are falling apart real quick. Like
>> I need windows that open and close.
>> Nech