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Re: Karma and the Grammys??

Nech says:
"It's called respect bud!"

And that's what I appreciate!!

Now that I've done my share of saying maybe a little bit Karma went around. In 
a nutshell, today we seem to be living in an era of greed where decisions 
seemed to based on money and not content or quality. Plant did what he wanted 
to do as an artist and did not choose the past of the most revenue.

The other side of the coin is the fact that Plant won so many awards.

Let's look at the award of Please Read The Letter.

It came from Walking into Clarksdale. A lot of us had mixed feelings on the 
album. There are probably a lot of Led zeppelin fans (not on this list) who 
don't even know it exists.

Remember in 98 during the tour, how busy the beer stands and lineups for the 
toilets got when a song from WIC was played.

If a stale fart from a 10 year old album can get redone and win a Grammy Award, 
what does that say about the music industry's ability to develop and create new 
new music?

Maybe Plant won those awards because he didn't have too much competition.

Take care

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> > First of all I like to remind people that I like to
> have disagreements with people here. This is a discussion
> list and notice that Nech is disagreeing with me without
> making any personal attacks on me.
> >  
> It's called respect bud!
> > wanna be fans who want a tour to happen as well. Those
> are the people who show up at the shows because they want to
> be seen there, impress a date that they scored tickets for
> the show, talk on the cell phone in the middle of the show,
> etc.  
> Yes those are alot of people and I hate those people! 
> Believe it or not there were those people at O2!
> > The political thing and the media is a bit of sarcasm.
> > Basically I am comparing Robert to other people who
> are making obscene amounts of money. Robert won't give
> up a year of his life and basically keep his hands clean to
> make $200 m because of his principles. Yet on Wall Street,
> there are a lot of executives who have screwed over the
> American Public and made amounts much less than $200 m.
> > 
> True, and unbelievably even when being rescued they still
> managed to give themselves golden parachutes.
> But on a whole I say we keep business and politics off list
> unless of course it's business related to our boys.
> Right now, I need a new car. : (  The final death knolls
> are chiming for my beloved Jeep. at 152K the engine is still
> strong but little things are falling apart real quick. Like
> I need windows that open and close.
> Nech