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Re: Raising Sand raising the bottom line...

Priory of Brian???  lol



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Too bad Percy wouldn't take a cue from Alison and do some recording and a small tour with his former band. And I don't mean Strange Sensation!

wildcatfan822@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I don't think they will do anything until 2010 because Alison plans to
record with Union Station this summer, and follow that with a small tour. Or
at least that is what the members of Union Station are telling everyone.

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 7:21 PM, Frank <fmiller6@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

There is SOME truth to the anonymous comment on Steve Sauer's site. Rounder

is pressuring RP to commit to another huge world tour after the next album
and he is balking, wanting to do 20 shows max.

Well, this is still 20 more shows than he said in his official statement.

he said no tours for two years.