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Re: Raising Sand raising the bottom line...

So, was Robert working for peanuts on this project?  I wonder if the
proceeds were split up 3 ways.

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 9:09 AM, Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> http://www.boston.com/ae/music/articles/2009/02/11/grammys_ease_way_for_mass_label/
> But when Virant and label founders Marian Leighton-Levy, Ken Irwin, and
>> Bill Nowlin returned from Los Angeles, where they celebrated into Monday
>> morning, they faced the same challenges as do every record company
>> executive.
>> Even Plant seemed to understand, praising Rounder from the Staples Center
>> stage as "an independent label working against all sorts of stuff, which is
>> terrible, but thank you."
>> Last year, Rounder cut its staff from more than 100 employees to roughly
>> 75, and at the time Nowlin (a Tufts grad like Irwin) admitted uncertainty
>> about the label's long-term future. "Keeping the record company alive is the
>> main goal," he said.
>> The remarkable success of "Raising Sand" should go a long way in doing
>> that. Immediately after the awards, it flew to the top of the Amazon music
>> rankings as well as several digital download sites. So far it's sold over a
>> million copies in the United States and another million worldwide.
>> "There's no question that it will be just a tremendous boon,"
>> Leighton-Levy said from Los Angeles on Monday. "It means a great deal at
>> this point in time to have a nice bounce like that come right back to the
>> bottom line."