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Re: Fillmore film on LZ.com

Perhaps because the Zep camp knows enought that those shows were readily available as boots already, and as you say in better quality. So why bother with that one ? Also I think the suit was more so against them using Zep's material to sell other stuff for profit... you know having their show up there and then throwing all those links at you pointing to the repro posters and pics at a premium.

But still , fires up the specualtion train.

HEy you never know. I mean after all Dennis had this 8mm footage in a closet for 40 years!!

One can always hope.


elombardi70@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

What I want to know is if they did have something more substantial and if they 
did get sued to keep it all quiet why is the April show still on rotation.  It 
makes no sense to let them stream that but not the others.  You would have 
thought any injunction or what have you would stop all material from being