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RE: Fillmore film on LZ.com

I think various bands tried called out the lawyers.  Not sure how succesful 
they were and possibly they just wanted to show muscle to get a better deal.  
The press seemed to stop reporting after the initial burst so not sure how far 
anything went.  
What I want to know is if they did have something more substantial and if they 
did get sued to keep it all quiet why is the April show still on rotation.  It 
makes no sense to let them stream that but not the others.  You would have 
thought any injunction or what have you would stop all material from being 
So far I've only read vague reports from them about what Zeppelin material they 
have.  The one show available you can get in better quality as a fan bootleg!  
They still haven't sorted out the video footage though nor the FLAC downloads 
they said would happen.  Sure they have mountains of stuff to go through but 
you would think if it was worth money then they would just hire in more people 
to get it out there.  We need a man on the inside!!
I can't remember the timeline now but did Wolfgang's Vault start up with the 
streaming before or after the Zeppelin DVD was released?

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> Subject: Re: Fillmore film on LZ.com
> Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 16:31:49 -0500
> Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know. But John and Frank Zappa together is pretty cool.
> Yoko or not. LMAO
> Yup ands why else would Zep have filed the suit unless there is a lot there?
> I'd bet the farm that there is film of the Fillmore East and Fillmore West
> shows in that collection.
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>> You guys know damn well, the full show is going to be released in
>> spectacular technicolor with 5.1 sound, paired with the sacd of Carnegie
>> Hall!!
>> WHat really fuels my fire is that LZ went out of their way to sue the new
>> owner of the archives over releasing/using any Zep material...so other
>> than the 4/27 show they had in rotation on Wolfgang's Vault, was there
>> there something way way more interesting they wanted to keep off the
>> shelves ? eh?
>> Hmmmm.