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Re: Fillmore film on LZ.com

You guys know damn well, the full show is going to be released in spectacular technicolor with 5.1 sound, paired with the sacd of Carnegie Hall!!

BTW, I ought to poke your eyes out for posting that John Lennon clip... Yoko's screeching just made my spleen jump out. argk she was a terror on stage.

WHat really fuels my fire is that LZ went out of their way to sue the new owner of the archives over releasing/using any Zep material...so other than the 4/27 show they had in rotation on Wolfgang's Vault, was there there something way way more interesting they wanted to keep off the shelves ? eh?

fmiller6@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Bill Graham was known to have filmed damn near every show he promoted. Both Filmores, Tanglewood in Lenox Mass., The Boston Tea Party and other venues all has closed circuit setups.



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What majes you say that? The clip we have was filmed by a fan and is only 54 seconds long. Dennis, the fan, had no association with Bill Graham. Unless you know something we don't! :-)

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I gotta think this whole show is in that Bill Graham collection.