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Re: Where Jimmy Has Failed

The biggest failure was in NOT immediately seizing the bull by the horns after O2.

We do not know if the april jams were ever run by Percy. All we do know is that they were indeed working on new stuff.

Maybe they were ( the jams played to Percy that is ) and RObert , in his blue state of mind, really just wasn't into it. Maybe he even totally shot them down..."What is this it?!" Can you feel it ? I can't guys...ta ta Maybe that's why they did go as far as reaching out to Myles and even Tyler...looking for some thing, someone to kick start the spark...even if it was only jamming together to Zep tunes... hoping that a new monster riff, a thunderclap will emerge from it all. Maybe Jones was telling the complete truth when he said they want to play LOUD music and Robert dosen't want to. It could and probably is as cut & dry as that. The failure with that is... well, were is it ? Maybe the 2 year time frame Plant threw out there is what IS really needed at this point. Somehow, I cannot see anything that anyone does now or in the near future as not being immediately compared to LZ of old, LZ of O2. And you cannot deny that music snobs and pond scum alike will always from here on in refer to anything done wether it be new material or re-re-rereleases or even if ever an O2 DVD as cashing in...as making a money grab...

It really has become a tough situation, and Jimmy, poor Jimmy, probably knows that and has tossed the towel in the ring.

grantburgess2001@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Rather than just criticize Robert for not working with the guys, it can also be 
said that Jimmy and the boys have been inept in their approach at getting 
Robert to work with them.

Robert doesn't need the money or the ego of doing a Zeppelin tour or album, so 
you don't try to appeal to him on those needs. Instead they need to do things 
that attract him to work with them.

In Robert's case, he can work with who he wishes to work with. This means the 
guys have to appeal to his needs and not try to guilt trip him into working 
with them.

When Jimmy, Jason and Jonesy were working on new material, did they even bother 
to send Robert a demo to see if he would like the music? At least he could 
guage if this project was something of interest to him.

Since Robert has hinted that future Led Zeppelin get togethers must be for the 
right reason, perhaps the guys should propose some charity gigs where no one 
makes money off the show. Live Aid, Atlantic 40th and the O2 were not about Led 
Zeppelin getting a paycheque.

My third point is one that any moron who understands human relations can figure out. If 
you are trying to win someone over to do some work with you, you do not conduct yourself 
in a manner in a way that pisses off the person you want so badly to work with. This 
means that you don't have "sources close to the band" leaking out lies that 
Robert will do a Led zeppelin tour. If Robert won't work with Jimmy and turns down as 
much as $200 million for a Led Zeppelin tour, you would have to be a complete moron to 
think that pulling these bullshit stunts will work.

If Jimmy wants Robert to do a Zep reunion project, he's got to show him some 
music that interests Robert, it can't be a big cash grab and Robert's got to 
feel that there is no bullshit involved.

Take Care