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Re: Once again...Plant says no...

No Eddie, my obsession isn't with bashing Plant. Like many people on FBO, I have a strong obsession with LED ZEPPELIN. That's why most of us are here. There's nothing wrong with appreciating Plant's solo efforts and collaborations; believe it or not, I've done that a lot here over the years. Nevertheless, this is a Led Zeppelin list, NOT a Robert Plant appreciation list. Yes, he was the singer for Led Zeppelin, but that doesn't mean we have to choose him over Led Zeppelin or denigrate Jason, John and Jimmy by clinging to some myth of Robert Plant as "Mr. Innovator Ever Onward" and the J's as stuck in the past. Judging by the private emails I continue to get from a variety of FBO lurkers and posters congratulating me on saying what they've been thinking as well, I'd say I'm not the only one feeling this way.

Perhaps they're not as vocal as I am because they don't want to deal with being accused of bashing Plant every time they express their opinion. You and a few others either here or on the Hoffman forum (which is the only other discussion forum where I'm really active) seem to have appointed yourselves the arbiters of all things cool and correct. You've elevated Robert Plant to virtual sainthood for digging out a couple of old forgotten Gene Clark songs and supposedly refusing to "kneel before the fatted cow" by agreeing to a Led Zeppelin tour (when in fact, he's the one member of Led Zeppelin with a history of selling himself out to commercial interests, or is drinking a Diet Coke while driving a Cadillac on the way to J.C. Penney's uber cool now too?). Those of us who feel he's shafted Jason, John and Jimmy for his own gain are perhaps uncool to you, but we have every bit as much a right to our opinion as you and to express it without the incessant whining about being Plant bashers. You paint us as obsessives who just "can't let it go" and you know what, WE ARE! We are obsessive about Led Zeppelin and we can't let Led Zeppelin go. Guilty as charged. I'M FUCKING PROUD TO BE A LED ZEPPELIN FAN. Deal with it but stop whining!

Eddie Lombardi wrote:
You did this last time I made a post about the constant BS against Plant on this list. I think it was I cheeky remark I made about how well some people are handling the situation (i.e. no tour) and how badly some people were that got you all upset.
This time you out did yourself what with all the name calling.

Yes I am a Plant apologist.  Geez.  Not the first time you accused me and 
everyone else who might disagree with your views about Plant of being one of 
those.  Give it up ok. It's boring.  You are boring.

Yes all of a sudden I think you are all distasteful. Yup right. Thanks for putting words in my mouth. You are very good at that it seems!
Yup EVERYONE who likes Plant and is part of manicnirvana.com must be menopausal 
ex-groupies.  I suppose writing that isn't offensive is it Steve?  Oh no 
because it some out of your mouth clearly it can't be offensive.

Yes we should all now leave FBO because we do not agree with Steve The Almight King of 
FBO and his subjects(who ever they maybe).  I qoute from the King below "If you 
really find us on FBO to be as distasteful as you claim, why not go join the bunch of 
menopausal ex-groupies groaning over Plant on manicnirvana.com and leave us in 
peace." [Of course no one called the King distasteful and hence no claim was made 
but that isn't the point anymore because well the King can do and say what ever he wants. 
 You know why? Becasue he is the King silly!!]

Steve if there ever was a case of calling someone menopausal right now it would be you! Actually there would be a case of calling you menopausal after everyone one of your "How much I hate Plant today" post on FBO.
No one and I mean no one can post one nice post about Plant without you having a big ol' 
freak out and posting some sort of "I hate Plant"  type of email.  E.g. I 
wasn't even replying to one of your posts and you felt the need to post!!!!  Even on 
other lists you pull the same I hate Plant crap.

I find it funny that you can accuse me of being offensive when its you that has clearly lost the plot and started using childish name calling and accusations.
Steve, you have a serious obsession and I hope you find the help you need.  
Until then go fuck yourself.

Happy Holidays!


Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2008 22:48:59 -0500
From: zeppelin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CC: zeppelin@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Once again...Plant says no...

Eddie, I find your message offensive not only to me but to the others on
this list who've pointed out the gross inconsistencies in Plant's
statements. I didn't quote him from 1989 but from mid-September 2008
when he told Q magazine he had nothing against more Zeppelin reunions it
was just the paperwork that was a problem, and then two weeks later
posting an announcement on his web site telling the world he has no
intention of working with Led Zeppelin, followed by this statement three
months later that he's in a different place right now.

Look, just as you view me and some others on the list as constant Plant
bashers who just won't let it go, I view you as a constant Plant
apologist who just won't see Plant for the con he really is. If you
really find us on FBO to be as distasteful as you claim, why not go join
the bunch of menopausal ex-groupies groaning over Plant on
manicnirvana.com and leave us in peace.

Eddie Lombardi wrote:
I must be reading different articles to everyone else.

Plant to me has always been very clear to me. Maybe I'm just smarter
than everyone else or maybe I'm just as big a ass as Plant is (in the eyes
of most people on this list it seems.)

He said it was a one off he said he wasn't against more shows but only i
f it was for something special (sorry fans have to realize you aren't that
special. Don't like it go cry to your mommy) and he said doesn't want to
be a rock star anymore.

Sounds clear to me always have.

Of course I'm not drudging up what he might have said in oh uh 1989 or what

Things move on but apparently not on this list.



Date: Fri 26 Dec 2008 15:39:43 +0000
From: catharinak@xxxxxxxxxx
To: zeppelin@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Re: Once again...Plant says no...

Agree on both counts. Still, it would be easier to let him have his
peace if he'd do us the same courtesy. :-)

This is what comes of him riding the Led Zeppelin publicity wave
during 2008 leaving it nebulous for so long and as Steve points
out having a history of prevaricating.

The three J's coming out with something is probably the only thing
that will stop the press asking Plant the question though. Heck
maybe not even then.

Nice to know Page has as much class as ever remaining Plant's
supportive friend to the end. I need to get me a "WWJD" bracelet...


On Dec 25 2008 zeppelin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Stephanie Sandlin wrote:

Take him at his word. Let the man have his peace.

I'm far more interested in what JP and JPJ have up their