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Re: Fw: The CD Format and the Possibly Dark Future of the Music Industry

On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 2:07 PM, Dan Copenhaver <zbird@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I remember reading about 5 or 6 years ago that the next format that music
> will be released on would be some kind of card type thing.

I was at Best Buy this weekend looking for a Weezer album for my
daughter - they had it in both CD format and on a 1 Gig microSD card.
The card was even a little more $$ than the CD (I think).  The
packaging proudly proclaimed that you were free to use the unused
space for anything you want.  Gee thanks. (especially considering I
can get an 8 gig microSD card for under 20 bucks and put whatever I
want on it anyway...)

The mp3 player we got her for Christmas has a slot just for those
memory cards (I imagine most of them do now).

I will never pay the same or more for compressed music if uncompressed
is available but I guess eventually I won't have a choice.

The day I don't have a choice, fuck them.  They can't shut down every
torrent site.  Either that or new artists will simply never grace my

I also imagine I will eventually give in but right this second I am
filled with righteous indignation.