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Re: A question to collectors

Thanks Frank!

If you manage to develop this software I am sure lots of people would be interested! There's a big niche for this I am sure

I was rather thinking about Flickr, instead of Picasa. It's easy to tag your photos and form a group for sharing etc... The only "problem" would be to uniformise tags. In a proper DB you can have a theasaurus to control this.

I am not interested as such since I don't collect things. But someone on an other board was talking about his collection and such. And I happened to mention that my job has to do with data bases. I would never have the time to developp such a thing, and I am even trying to get away from this job as I am really fed up with it. But I can always give my input if it can be useful. I have been in charge of managing the collection of our natural history museum on FileMaker, for the past 15 years.

Actually FileMaker does have a function to publish the DB's online, but I am not sure how it works when you actually need people to enter their data (multiple users etc?) This would be a big job, there's no way I would have the time to do this and maybe it has been done already?

FRANK SMITH a écrit :
It's funny you should mention this. My buddy and I have been talking
about developing just such a thing for collectors for more than a year

I'm not certain these are exactly what you need but they may be of
some use to you:

"Edit Grid" is an online database that allows the user to store data
in a spreadsheet format. That probably won't directly solve your
problem as I'm assuming you're looking for something more

The second option is Google's "Picasa "that allows the user to store
photos in a nice format and has a basic search feature.

On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 3:05 PM, Dragonlady <dr4gonlady@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The subject came up on another group I'm in. Is there a software developped
for an online database that would allow people keeping track of various
collectibles? I'm not talking about bootlegs, just stuff like ticket stubs,
backstage passes etc, etc...
It seems impossible that no one ever thought about something like that with
all the fan groups all over the web.

I have a feeling that such a task would be impossible for one person but if
it was a community thing, kind of like Flickr, or other sites to share
images. But with a more powerful search engine?

Maybe it would be too big to handle I'm not sure.