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Re: BTW was Jimmy's performance a live one?

Pre-recorded songs have been the norm at Olympic ceremonies for some
time now. It goes back to the Montreal Games in 1976 when microphones
failed to work causing chaos and embarrassment to the performers and
screwing with the schedules.


2008/8/26 TangerineMan <tangerineman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Note also that all of the performances at the Opening Ceremonies had been
> lip-synched or mimed (you may recall there was that controversy about the
> little girl who sang the theme song, who was not the girl who originally
> performed the song--she had been deemed "not pretty enough"). I don't see
> why things would have been any different for the Closing Ceremonies. And, as
> I mentioned in another post yesterday, at the 2006 Winter Olympics in
> Torino, even Pavarotti lip-synched the "Nessun Dorma" aria from Turandot,
> because he knew he wouldn't have been able to sing it in the cold. There is
> too much riding on events of this scale to run the risk of a glitch,
> technical or otherwise.