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I loved it, even with the crappy sound, and what seems the obvious pre-recording.

Loved it better on second and third viewing.  For one thing, to my utter surprise, I really liked both Leona's voice, and her take on the song.   She updated the "man gonna school his woman" vibe - woman gonna give her heart to the man.  I dug that she was giving all her love to Dr. Jimmy!  I dug Jimmy rockin' it like that, too. 

(Ok, really, I hate that she got to dance with Jimmy, and got such a nice hug, too.  Bitch.... ;-) )

However awe inspiring the Chinese opening and closing cermonies were, their pop stars don't have a thing on the West!  

Happy, happy, joy, joy! 

On Aug 25, 2008, ceeleone2001@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Nuthin Changed, Percy better jump on the train, looks like that locomotive is gatherin some steam!

Effortless perfection

Christopher Leone