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I am content..

Good thing I have trained my family well and my daughter woke me up to see Jimmy & Leona play.

I thought it was pretty cool and surpased my expectations. And yes Wyatt, a wardrobe malfunction would've been a treat : )

Sounded alright cranked up ( at least as high as Mom would let me !) and sounded even better this am when my local classic rock station replayed it after the morning GTLO. THEN I had it as loud as it goes and I am very happy for Dr. Page. I'm wondering where they got their clip or if they just did what Eddie did ; ) I would like a version of this released as in all honesty, I liked Leona's voice. Kinda gave the song an even 'sluttier' appeal if you know what I mean. MeeeOW!~

Now the waiting game begins as we wonder just what Jimmy is up to next. As Jason seeks family time, I certainly hope Jimmy and Jones continue to use up studio time!

Other than that...somewhat good to be home , but certainly NOT good to be back at work.... and figures... never see the guy but today of all days my boss man is here...bah humbug.