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RE: We're All Going To Hell

 The Cosmic Energy wrote:

> or was that webpage not 
> meant to be satire?

Like you, I wish it was, but I knew otherwise.  Satire, even really good
satire, can seldom match the intensity in the mind of the writer of the
"Going to Hell" page.  And it was driven home to me even more when I was
contacted by Tom Friend, the author whose book is cited on that Web page
(and referred to by a couple of Badgies).  It probably was silly of me to
respond, but you know I don't remain silent well, not when I have opinions.
I have tried to get across some of my opposing viewpoints in a rational
manner.  Not sure "rational" works too well.  I will just say this for now:
They ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE everything on that Web page and in those books.
[shakes head]  I find it sad that they are DRIVEN in some way to "save"
everyone else (from our own selves and Led Zeppelin, apparently), but you
know, everyone has their own path to travel...