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Re: We're All Going To Hell

    Aaaaaaaahhh...........nothing like good ol' politics or religion
to polarize an audience. I say....to each his own. Although.....was it
just me.......or was that webpage not meant to be satire? I mean come
on...........all the sweet, flattering pictures........the awesome,
appropriately dark soundtrack (in which the volume was boosted through
the roof considering it was Hella loud and I even have my volume on
near zero as it is). Especially since being burned by the "Onion's"
Led Zeppelin bumper sticker farce, I have been open to a different
interpretation I suppose.
               Ramblin' On,

On 8/3/08, Zeppelin Mad <zeppelinmad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi All,
> I was going to send this moron a copy of Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion" 
> - problem is I know the f**kwit wouldn't read it.
> I know us Athiests shouldn't let ourselves get worked up about this kind of 
> thing.  We should be happy to sit by and chuckle at it.
> (As I've always said - better to be the man in the pub pondering why he's not 
> in the church than the man in the church wondering why he's not in the pub).
> The thing that really bothers me is that some idiot - who obviously wants to 
> waste his life having blind faith (hey ho - that's his choice and fair enough 
> I can't change that)  - has the cheek to actually put out material that tries 
> to make people like you and me appear nasty, evil whatever you want to call 
> it.
> I've loved Led Zeppelin for 25 years - My wife bought me a copy of Cabala for 
> my wedding present - and she doesn't like Zeppelin but she knew then, 13 
> years ago, how important their music was to me.  She even turned a blind eye 
> when I cashed in our savings to go to the O2 last year. (I live in Australia)
> To then read such tripe  - it makes me want to grab this idiot by the throat 
> and explain to him that I'm actually not a bad bloke.  I've got two kids who 
> I love, a wife who I love and look after, a job and lots of friends that 
> consider me "not that bad at all".  How can a person's personal taste in 
> music have anything to do with their "spirituality" ?  WHatever...
> Shaking my head in pity and disbelief (quite appropriate word there)
> Regards
> Andy
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