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RE: We Are All Going to Hell (ZC)

Steve A. Jones wrote:
> Author Tom Friend asserts Robert Plant commands us to sell 
> our soul to the devil by singing "If your going to San 
> Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair. If your 
> going to San Francisco, your gonna meet a lotta DEVIL people 
> there". The website missionary has apparently applied 
> Friend's theory to the film TSRTS. 

Oh, fer friggin' sakes - THAT's the thing that caused him to decree that
Plant was the Piper urging us to Hell?!  Of course the lyric words are
"*gentle* people"!  Always has been, and Robert didn't change those lyrics.

It must really get Mr. Stewart's goat that Jesus is always pictured as
having a beard and [gasp!!] long hair - looking JUST like those kids with
flowers in their hair.  And he'd never "get" that "peace and love" made
perfect sense to Jesus - who I suspect would have been a *lot* more at home
with the hippies than with bullheaded religious fanatics who think that
THEIR view of the world is the only right one...

  > Now then, Christie, about your "garden"...

Yes, well.  Honestly, I have always thought that was one of the "gentler"
suggestive phrases in LZ lyrics, don't you?  It's kind of cute, really.  We
could present Mr. Stewart with much *better* examples to give him apoplexy,
if he hasn't already come across them in his sweaty-handed research.  (I can
just PICTURE him sitting through the movie - pressing his handkerchief to
his dripping brow and crossing himself every time the "crotch cam" close-ups
filled the screen!!

Wonder how many times he sat through it looking to find things to be
mortified by...