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Re: More Crimson/JPJ dates

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Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 4:59 PM
Subject: More Crimson/JPJ dates

> In addition to these...
> Nov. 14 San Francisco, CA Warfield
> Nov. 15 Los Angeles, CA Universal Ampitheatre
> These now added...
> King Crimson with Special Guest, John Paul Jones
> November 2001
> 17 Las Vegas, NV - House Of Blues, 7:30pm
> 19 Denver, CO - Paramount Theatre, 8:00pm

So are they switching back and forth in regards to opening act/headlining
act?  I thought the other dates said JPJ with KC in support.  (Or did I just
read too quickly?)

And if it's the back and forth switcheroo dealie, do we know if it's the
typical opener=short set, headliner=long set deal or will they be doing the
equal time thing?

Cuz, I mean, KC is cool and all and I really appreciate that Fripp put
together a record label that Jonesy feels good to be with but I wanna see a
FULL JPJ show.  On the other hand, he's only out west so far so I should
just wait and see what comes up before I start tweakin'.   ;o)