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I believe if you didn't hear it with your own ears and verify it with your
own eyes as a personal witness then you're a fool if you don't clarify
those recording labels and references you've got hanging around.
In my opinion, Atlantic Records represented to the general public that
certain recordings they offered for sale to the public were legitimate
documented copys of studio and live performances of Led Zeppelin. I've
purchased at least 39 Atlantic Records album or CD Led Zeppelin releases.
I figured each actual record counted as one so PG and TSRTS count as two.
BBC counted as 3.
In each case I relied upon Atlantic Records say-so that the product I was
buying was a recording by their licensed recording artists. I'm not counting
solo work, only Led Zeppelin. I bought multiple copies of several vinyl albums
because the grooves wore out.
I think Atlantic Records people might be saying they made a legal contract
to have  the right to say that copies of the recordings they're selling
were in fact Led Zeppelin. I think maybe they had somebody there that made
sure it was Zeppelin. All I know is when I attended Led Zeppelin concerts,
the live performances didn't sound like the studio recordings.
I thought they were better. But then that's just a personal opinion.
I think all we may have with these mislabeled amateur recordings is the say
so of nothing more than UNVERIFIABLE urban legend and so we might do just
as well to announce that we are now discussing genuine Atlantic Records Led
Zeppelin, all tribute music and all urban legend music that sounds like Led
Zeppelin and as well as Led Zeppelin style and genre music.
I'm tired and I'm going to sleep. Put that in your briefcase and uh er
stuff it. Am I trying to get hundreds of Led Zeppelin enthusiasts off the
hook with some fancy smancy semantics and word play.
In my opinion, I'm trying to define for myself personally what this stuff
is all about. If the rest of you happen to be on the subscription list and
you read what I write, you're still free to define all of this any way you
want as long as it really fits the situation the way you see it.
The analogy with the 15 year old is'nt quite right.
See the police officer not only found you with the 15 year old, but is
there with the 15 year old's mommy. That's a first hand situation.
If Jimmy Page came to everybody's house and said, "Hey that's me on your
homemade audio recording,"...well that's another story.
What was that about Nicolas Flamel?

At 05:50 PM 11/28/01 -0800, Mark Donahue wrote:
>That is abslolutely correct, officer.  Hell, how was I supposed to know
>she was 15?  She said she was 18, and this unlaminated expired driver's
>license from North Hampshire says so.  Actually, you may be on to
>something.  It's a good idea for sites, etc.  All of us collecting
>wonderful Led Zeppelin influenced tribute music by unknown musicians.
>It's a cushion anyway.
>Nicolas Santoli wrote:
>> > LED ZEPPELIN. Are your recordings counterfeits?
>> > No, I believe your recordings may be music by unknown unidentified
>> > musicians whose music
>> > sounds similar to the Led Zeppelin style and genre of music.
>> > In my opinion one ought to think about putting what is likely more
>> accurate
>> > info on one's CD labels, etc. and er stamp it.
>> > In my opinion ears alone are not enough.
>> Bollocks...