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Re: SIBLY '01?

Buddy Boy Page:

> I was taking a look at the Linwood site to check out
> what JPJ has been up on his tour and it looks like
> he's brought out SIBLY as part of his setlist!  Wow,
> no one brings this up on a Zep discussion list?

I've also been wondering why there's been so little discussion of 
Jonesy's tour. I'm certainly psyched for his upcoming Montreal date, and 
I've been gobbling up what little has been said so far on this list.

SIBLY '01? That's just one concertgoer's opinion that happened to make 
it onto TBL. I think JPJ simply played a minor blues improvisation that 
the person decided was SIBLY. Similar to people mistaking Steel Away, 
the major blues tune he played on mandolin and bass lap steel on the 
last tour, for YSM or ICQYB.