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Re: Ramblin down the road

In a message dated 11/27/2001 11:01:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
mixer@xxxxxxxx writes:

> Now, if Atlantic turned around and released at once every live Zeppelin
> show that was in the vaults (assuming Robert actually let them) would this
> be profitable? I'd think that even us- the hardcore Led Zeppelin fans,
> would, in this case, only buy what we are interested in. A CD is an
> investment, usually $15-$20, more for a double CD. Money doesn't just grow
> on trees as we all know. If Atlantic weere to do this then only those of
> us with a LOT of money would be able to buy all of the live material. And
> that is not many of us. So just releasing everything all at once is
> obviously not the answer.

They could always take the Columbia House approach... a new show every four 
to six weeks shipped to your door.  I can see the infomercial now...  ;-)