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re: Ramblin down the road

>and corperate companies are usually about ONE

>Someone also recently posted something to the
>effect that they should release the entire live
>catalog to apoligize to the fans.

>Well folks- these days, AOL-Time/Warner doesn't
>really care about the consumer...They want money.

You do a nice job of contradicting yourself, mixerman.

Okay, so the big bad corporate companies want money,
that's all they care about.  Let's agree on that.

On the other hand, you imply that
AOL/Time/Warner/Atlantic doesn't care about the
consumer, and that the live recordings won't be
catalogued and released to the public.

But wouldn't doing that, making the live material
available for sale MAKE MONEY?  Use your brain on this
one everyone, keeping those tapes in the vaults for
eternity make no money.  Making them available - ie
"caring about the consumer" to use a play on words -
makes money.

Caring about the consumer is not at odds with making
money in this case.  I suggest Mixer has bias against
the large-type corporations, and is trying to tie our
angst about this situation it his bias.