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Re: DAT is for sure

Please define "short time".  My personal experience (and testimonials on the
DAT-Heads mailing list) suggests otherwise.  I have a 6 year old Sony D7
with several hundreds of hours on it.  Never had any major issues with it.
I have it serviced (head cleaning/alignment) about once a year and my use
includes tons of hours with the dreaded 90m tape.  This thing has been a
real workhorse.   Maybe I'm just lucky.


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> DATs burn out in a short time.
> Their tape mechanism is frail.
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> >Well I can now recommend DAT as I just bought a Sony D8 DAT walkman for
> 400 dollars from a contact relating to me placing bids on ebay.  Best
> new for one of these is 550 dollars.  The sound quality is AMAZING, the
> difference between DAT and minidisc is at least the difference between
> cassette
> >and minidisc.  Minidisc is not really close to DAT is what I'm trying to
> say.  Not the clinical, sometimes characterless sound of minidisc, but
> truly a fantastic, warm inviting sound beautifully reproduced.  I use
> Core-Sound low sensitivity low-cost stealth binaural mics at 100 dollars
> new.  I might
> >be able to put you in touch with a guy who has more D8s for sale, they
> were used for a professional field project which is finished.  D7s also
> great machines I believe.  Regards Nigel.
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> >FSmith9095@xxxxxxx on 25/11/2001 13:05:17
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> >Hello All
> >Are there any audiophiles out there who could recommend the ideal device
> >taping a show , if one was so inclined ? I would think something small
> >has the ability to capture the presence of a room with the right mics.
> >suggestions ? prices ?
> >
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> >Time Machine show -Osaka 9/29/71.
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