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Re: Woman, woman....just got to ramble.......

This is too funny.  I can almost picture myself in about 50 years 
doing the
same thing.  88 years old and still rocking on.  That is what I want 
to do
when I grow up.  I already harass the radio stations where I live to 
take the
Grateful Dead OUT - WAY OUT - of the rotation and add some Zeppelin 
Rock and Roll and Kashmir.  


In a message dated Thu, 19 Jul 2001  2:41:32 AM Eastern Daylight 
Time, Jeremy
Mixer <mixer@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> Now (and yes, I swear this is true) we have some dedicated 
> listeners of
> this station. One of them is an elderly woman by the age of 88. (!) 
> And
> she listens 24 hours a day and sleeps sporadically, whe she wakes 
> up, she
> calls us and requests songs. I was warned in January when I started
> working here at WKIT that you should always play her songs because 
> she
> harasses people if you don't. Well not harrasses, but they all told 
> me I
> don't want to expirience what happens when you don't play her songs 
> :) So
> she called me the next night, and said "Could you play that 
> Coverdale Page
> song you played last night? I really enjoyed it" so I did. Normally 
> I
> try to avoid playing the same songs night after night unless it is a
> current song in heavy rotation, an image song, or one of those 
> songs that
> is requested that 99% of the listeners love....... but hey....it's 
> C/P so
> it's all good.