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Re: Woman, woman....just got to ramble.......

Jeremy Mixer wrote:
> 7. The most inaudable  post award this week goes to Julie. Cool 
> all-around
> girl I imiagine, but someone  should teach her how t6o use the 
> period key
> on her keyboard:

Not to mention capitals and commas.
> "sorry to everyone i feel so silly its a fake i should have known 
> better
> what can i say the picture should have tipped me off as i know what 
> they
> looked like in 68/69 but hey its a cool picture anyway i have never 
> seen
> john with a beard johnpaul isn't in it dont know why i think who 
> ever took
> the picture cut him out but to mikes question its about a foot long 
> and 8
> inches across and its all black and white"

Good luck with the girl, Jeremy. :-)

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