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Re: My Brain Still Hurts!

TangerineMan wrote:

> Woody:
> > As best as I can tell, they only played
> > Bron-Yr-Aur 7 times in concert.  Why?  What a beautiful tune.

I counted 8 but as per below digress:

> Well, your count may simply mean there are only 7 recordings 
> existing that
> captured it... Jimmy may well have played it more often than that 
> during
> 1970.
> As to why he stopped playing it, perhaps he got fed up with rowdy 
> audiences
> not paying attention...

I can attest to that as having played that live myself, it was more 
downright deflating when you could barely hear yourself thru the 
monitors over
the crowd noise. Other than those than listened in amazement the 
"gimme some
noise hair band freaks" always seemed to outnumber them. What a shame 
as it was
Jimmy's own live interpetation that inspired me to learn it well 
enough to try
to perform it in front of an audience thinking they'd love it. And 
handsdo great on harmonics ; ) !!