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Whose wearing whose dress?

Shar wrote:

>This is what I get for not watching you guys every living minute.
>Leave you alone and you start posting about turntables.
>"The smell of warm vinyl on a cool October evening,
>Candles and incense and whose wearing whose dress?"

*I love it when you talk dirty! ;-}

>Um somebody noodle a few notes and let's get a song out of this.
>As I'm sure you recall Woody, I don't flame list members, I simply 
certain points in their presentations. (Insert big grin here)

*And you do a damn fine job of it, too!  (big grin back at ya)

>I have Riverside Blues on CD, my first rare CD. I was so tickled I
>couldn't stop dancing for days.

*The first time I heard it I almost wrecked the car!  It must have 
been '86
or '87 (no access to bootlegs at that time).  What a gem!  Right out 
of the
blue and on FM radio, no less!   Ahh, the thrill of discovery.