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Re: nzc cheap kodak cdr <and 80minute blank thoughts> <not to be confused with my usual all day long blank thoughts>

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Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2001 11:41 AM
Subject: Re: nzc cheap kodak cdr

> This same guy also has these re screened Kodak's for sell on Ebay. 
> I have
> been wondering about this myself. Are these even worth buying?  
> Will the
> screening affect the dye?

Rescreening should not affect the dye - Kodak already has a more 
durable top
layer than some other brands.  Although there _might_ (though it's a 
possibility and depends on who actually did the rescreening) be an 
issue of
whether or not the paint was applied evenly - too much paint on one 
side or
the other could make the disc unbalanced (a problem sometimes seen 
applying labels to CDR - even slightly off-center can unbalance the 
which can make the disc vibrate badly at higher speeds leading to read
problems, burn problems and I've even seen reports of an unbalanced 
disc being read in a high speed drive and vibrating so badly that it
shattered inside the drive.

The guy has a pretty decent list of shows to trade and he makes it 
that he only trades (no selling) shows (which, for me, always makes 
me feel
groovier about a guy - maybe irrational but so what?  ;o)  ) so maybe 
trade or two with him would indicate his trustworthiness in the area 
product orders.  He has nice little pile of Zep shows and a lot of 
Sabbath, Rush and other good stuff too.

In regards to the OP's 80minute CDR question:  80 minute blanks are
_slightly_ less universally accepted by audio players than 74 minute 
are.  Meaning that most people can use them all day long with no 
but there a few players out there that simply won't accept them.  And 
are some burners that won't accept them either.  The Yam4416S I have 
at work
takes FOREVER to initialize an 80min blank but it does eventually 
burn it.
But I don't like 'em.  74s work much better.

I personally don't use them for myself and I wouldn't send them in a 
unless specifically requested by the other party.  (If they send me 
blanks for a B&P I'll use them for their stuff and send them back).  
I don't
buy them and I usually ask that they not be used for stuff coming to 
(IF I remember.  Sometimes I forget to specify).  I'd like for 74 min 
to always be the default blank of choice in regards to trading but I 
understand that I don't get to make all the rules.  Darn it.  ;o)

It worries me that more and more stores are pushing out the 74 min 
stock in
favor of 80 minute stock.