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Re: MP3 Project

hi folks
I'm a huge ledzep-fan from austria (in europe) and a newbie on this 
i have the same problem as barny, want to get these cd's and don't 
maybe anyone of you zep-traders can help me?
greetings, andrina

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From: Michaelis, BK-S 330, HH <B.Michaelis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <zeppelin@xxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001 6:13 AM
Subject: MP3 Project

> Hi,
> I´m a newbie and I just discovered, that there´s a MP3 Project of 
> boots on
36 CDr. I would be very happy to get those. Can anybody help?
> Thanks in advance
> Barny