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NYC/Detroit Strange video

Greets Peeps-

On the hunt for low gen. Strange Sensation vhs from 6/1/01 NYC &
6/3/01 Detroit now in circulation. Toronto, Philly (2 sources) or DC 
available for trade FOR the above. High quality vhs dubs.
- ------------------

Also looking for a few  missing SS Euro audio. 

Looking for:

May 01 Ole Blues Festival, Bergen, Norway-
May 02 Folken, Stavanger, Norway
Jun 19 Gwardia Stadium, Warsaw, Poland
Jul 11 Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece
Jul 13 Haapsalu Firenight Festival,Estonia
- --------------------
Trading the following on CDR:

Apr 22 Train, Aarhus, Denmark -DAT source*  
Apr 23 Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark- DAT source
Apr 26 KB Halle, Malmo, Sweden- MD source
Apr 27 Trägården, Gothenburg, Sweden- DAT source*
Apr 29 Cirkus, Stockhom, Sweden- DAT source
May 25 Orpheum Theater, Boston- DAT*/MD sources  
May 27 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA- DAT/MD sources 
May 28 DAR Constitution Hall. Washington DC- DAT/MDLP sources 
Jun 01 Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY- DAT*/MD sources
Jun 03 Massey Hall,Toronto, ON- DAT source
Jun 04 State Theatre, Detroit, MI- MD source 
Jun 06 Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL- DAT/MD sources

P/P- Sun Records
Jul 07 Stravinski Auditorium, Montreux- DAT source on line- awaiting 

* Recommended

SS for SS only-  Sorry no B&P. Serious traders only. 
Email privately if you have the any of the above and want to swap.

"So very very strange,
I'm looking over my shoulder.."