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EAC problem question NZC


I was hoping someone could help with a problem I'm having.  I 
downloaded a copy of EAC and tried to use it.  It started copying a 
but froze about 13 sec into it.  I tried to end task and as usually 
the whole computer crashed. Anyway, when I tried to run it again i 
got a 
message that read something like ASPI failed.  Then I tried to see if 
the CD 
rom still worked and i got a message saying no cd player.  Now 
there's cd 
stuck in the cd-rom and I can't get it out.

Anyway, does anyone know what went wrong  I figure it obviuosly has 
something to do with ASPI and that I probably have to reinstall the 
for the cd-rom.   Any help would be appreciated.