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Re: EAC problem question NZC

I've had the same problems before. There are a few reasons for this
1. The disc has scratches and EAC detects it. Somehow, the cancel
extract function doesn't work as well as it should.
2. EAC crashed 
3. Your EAC configurations are not suitable for your cd rom drive. You
should run a test from EAC to auto configure the program.

Anyways, normally, what I'd do is to ctrl-alt-del to close EAC. Open 
again. Press the eject button in EAC. If the drive doesn't eject. 
EAC and reopen it again. Press the eject button and this time, it 
- -Terra

> HI,
> I was hoping someone could help with a problem I'm having.  I 
> recently 
> downloaded a copy of EAC and tried to use it.  It started copying a 
> track 
> but froze about 13 sec into it.  I tried to end task and as usually 
> happens 
> the whole computer crashed. Anyway, when I tried to run it again i 
> got a 
> message that read something like ASPI failed.  Then I tried to see 
> if the CD 
> rom still worked and i got a message saying no cd player.  Now 
> there's cd 
> stuck in the cd-rom and I can't get it out.
> Anyway, does anyone know what went wrong  I figure it obviuosly has 
> something to do with ASPI and that I probably have to reinstall the 
> driver 
> for the cd-rom.   Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks

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