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Re: 21 Years Gone...

Yea mabey thats why Page and Plant are doing Montrox Today huh and to 
top it
off it has been 33 years since they played their last gig as the New
yardbirds that was on july 7 1968. ( Even weirder is the fact that 
was the
day I was born and I and the day of my 12th birthday was there very 
show..) Well anyway

I am getting old.

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Subject: 21 Years Gone...

> Zep's last in Berlin 21 years ago today..
> Thank you for all the movin' & groovin' rock & roll.
> Hat's off to the Led Balloon for the soundtrack
> of my youth.
> If only..... <sniff>
> Guess we'll never know. :(
> RIP Bonzo.
> ~bluidmerl