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Re: Zoso tribute band

 I saw Zoso a few months back and was amazed.  They look, sound and 
play the part of our favorite band circa 1973-77.  They play live 
versions of 
songs and even blasted through a 22 minute or so Dazed and confused.  
had to cut out the Mars part as the length was getting out of hand.  
From the 
back of the theater I was at it really looked like Bonham bashing the 
and yes they were clear orange vistalights.  These guys obviously 
love the 
music and really do it justice.  If you're into nostalgia and like me 
caught Zep in their prime,  this is about as close as you'll get 
Black dragon suit included.  


<< Has anyone ever heard of the Zep tribute band called 'Zoso'? I 
read about 
 them in their website, but their audio is being updated so no sound 
clips. I 
 was wondering if they are any good!?