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Re: zeppelin-digest V3 #866

Damn, I'm bruised all over from the Pantera/Slayer concert Wednesday. 
anyway. . . Just got the MP3 project discs and I'm like a kid in a 
store with all this Zeppelin.  Now that I've heard them, I'm 
interested in 
trading for all three MSG 73 shows(if they're 8-10 sound quality).  I 
Mobile 73, Ft. Worth 73, Fillmore West 4/24/69, Deep Striker 77, and 
77 for trade with about six more shows on the way.

>>Who are The Four Horsemen? ;^)

Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson and Tully Blanchard ; )

Also, I'm a drummer (I probably wouldn't be playing if it wasn't for 
and if anyone wants to just shoot the shit about drums or anything 
drop me a line.