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This and that

At 12:37 28/05/00 -0700, Billy McCue wrote:
>Some of you people bitch and moan about Robert Plant
>as if you knew the man and were privy to his opinions
>and thoughts on a first-hand basis and not second hand
>from either some wanker journalist, some hanger-on or
>Jimmy Page - all with axes to grind.

It's an email discussion list - surely you're not expecting informed
comment in place of opinionated ranting?  And whilst I'm here...

>First off, this bullshit about Robert Plant being the
>most famous guy in the world until Jimmy Page walks in
>the room is pure crap.

It's not 100% true, but it's certainly not pure crap.  Jimmy definitely has
more of a mystique about him, and I'd expect that he is rated higher than
Robert in muso circles.

 Step outside the music world
>and Jimmy Page's recognition level drops like a lead
>balloon. But show even the most casual music listener
>a picture of Robert Plant and I guarantee they'll say
>"Oh yeah, that's the guy from that rock group Led

I'd say that's a massive overstatement of the popularity of a band that has
been defunct for twenty years with the music fans of today.

>Second, let's see...After two world tours in the past
>five years, Robert Plant doesn't want to spend seven
>or eight months of his life singing Led Zeppelin
>songs. And that constitutes ego-mania? 

Don't go out and tour - just record a new P/P album.  In any case, that's
not the main point of proof for those who think that Robert is an egomaniac.

>Third, funny how no one ever mentions he often we read
>Jimmy and JPJ's whining about Robert. It seems to me
>that Robert is the only one of the three who's taken
>the high road and not publicly blasted his former

'This is the entertainment business and that's entertainment' - Robert's
opinion on Coverdale/Page

'He's out parking the car' - Robert on JPJ

I also don't recall any slaggings from JPJ of the other two.

>And as for you, my li'l cranky Sammie, rest assured
>the tossers who are leaking EC footage will get theirs
>and their little dogs too!
>Besides, those of us in the know recognize that the
>footage they're watching is pure shite compared to the
>real deal. You're not missing a thing.

I've never understood why the Earl's Court video is rated so highly as a
must have - but for me video of any rock concert is an extremely poor
substitute for the real thing.  I'd rather have a decent quality tape of
the 1970 Bath festival.

Sadly neglected LP of the month:
Patto by Patto