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Re: Whining, Tossing, Wanking and Cranking

On 05/30/00 10:30:29 you wrote:

>And I would have to venture a guess that is what Robert Plant has
>faced. He found himself playing a role in a script that
>he and Jimmy and the entire game of rock and roll had established.
>Then he realized he was different than the
> role he played and he felt his own individual
>identity was submerged and nearly destroyed in the process. He
>couldn't get along without being the world
>famous perennially sensual icon of the womanizing attractive male
>archetypical rock star. He also wanted to
>evolve and found that his identity was nearly inextricably tied to
>that of Page's.

I think you hit the nail right on the head w/that one, Shar. You pretty much
just said what Robert was saying around the time of his first solo albums. 

Robert has "matured" and is no longer the image he portrayed in the early Zep
years. Jimmy still wishes to be and tries to be. ;) [Cue up Coverdale/Page's "Feeling Hot"] LOL!

Yet, despite all the "maturing" and JP's "wishing," I think Robert wants to be the 
lion in the pride. He wants his new voice and style to attract the same sort of
devotion and fandom (who wouldn't?) but it won't happen. In order to reach that
old level of slavish fandom he might have to adopt some of those old "poses" and "yelps"
and he isn't willing to do it. [Here's where the quote stands on it's own....I'm
trying to tie this all in. This is just my opinion...]

So therefore, Robert is "taking it down a notch" playing low-key gigs, and
saying essentially, "I'm tired of Zeppelin, people want me to be 20 years old and
I'm not anymore" and chucking it out. Jimmy, who still drinks from the Zeppelin well,
is out there getting the Black Crowes to play Zep material (and doing a fine job of it).
Who knows if Jp's latest trick will niggle Robert into action? Who knows if we even
*want* it to niggle Robert anymore. Perhaps JP should give it up.

My sincere wish is that Robert will find the perfect sound that suits his voice and be willing
to try that new sound with Jimmy. I wish also that Jimmy wouldn't rely so heavily on
the Led Zeppelin catalogue and "textbook". [And if they created new material and JP
outshines Robert, then I would hope Rp could accept that.]

That's all folks,