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Re: McCue's Plant Thread

On 05/30/00 12:24:44 you wrote:
>I've been reading the various points/counterpoints about the idea that Plant 
>isn't playing with Jimmy because he wouldn't be the "most famous person in 
>the room." 

All I said was that it was in *small part* true (the quote in context). In other words,
there are many factors why he doesn't wanna play w/JP and that is only one of them and
not the most important.

Otherwise, taking the quote "out of context" and looking at it in the
light of "egos" it could stand alone, imho. :-) 

>I'm talking about the passage in Part 2 of the transcription (my hat's off 
>to the scrivener for all the work he did) where Page talks about Plant not 
>wanting to play Zeppelin music anymore.  Page says (paraphrasing) "I love 
>Zeppelin's music and I think we should be out there playing it."
>To me, if you're looking for a reason why Plant and Page aren't playing 
>together anymore, you can't find one more valid or simple than that one.  It 
>may not represent 100% of the reason for their current situation, but it 
>seems you'd have to put a lot more creedence into that one than some 
>unsubstantiated presumption that Plant needs to be the most famous person in 
>the group.

I totally agree with that. :-) 
Take care,