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Billy's Best Boots

Methinks Seattle Supersonic slipped off its tier.

>>>So here you go, newbies. Enjoy and happy hunting. I
can answer questions about all of these recordings,
but don't have the capability to burn CDRs, so don't
bother asking because I can't help you out.

First Tier (in no particular order)
Listen to this Eddie - Los Angeles '77
Zurich 1980* (*the 1980 tour is an acquired taste, but
this is probably the best recording from it and a
decent performance, too.)
Studio Daze
Stairway Sessions
BBC Sessions 69 - 71
Los Angeles 6-25-72 (Burn Like a Candle)
Berkeley, CA 9-14-71 (Going to California)
Fillmore West 4-27-69 Soundboard
New York City 2-12-75 (Can't Stand Your Evil Ways)
Jennings Farm Blues
Physical Graffiti Sessions (Oh My God!)
Los Angeles 1970 - (Blueberry Hill)
The Return of Johnny Kidd and the Pirates

Second Tier
Los Angeles 1977 - For Badgeholders Only
Richfield, OH 4/28/77 - Destroyer II
Hampton '71 (Hampton Kicks)
Honolulu 9-6-70 (Box of Tricks, Holiday in Waikiki)
Montreux 1970 (Divinity)
Adelaide 1972 (Oooh My Ears Man!)
Offenburg 1973 (Custard Pie)
Providence 1973 (LZ Rider)
West Allis 1969 (Stroll On)
Ottawa 1970 (Ottawa Sunshine)

Third tier
Fort Worth 1971
Tokyo 10.2.72 (No Use Greco)
Detroit 73 (second night)
Vancouver 1975
Central Park 1969
Vancouver 1970 - (Ultimate Mudslide)
Osaka 9.29.71
Fort Worth 1973- (From Boleskine to the Alamo)