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RE: Should Page/Crowes Play Stairway?

Steven Babcock:

>I was just thinking about songs that Page and the Crowes could play this
>summer and I began considering the possibility of Stairway.  Page has
>done it as an instrumental with other people so I wonder if he would be
>open to Chris Robinson singing it.  I think that the crowds would love
>it even without Plant's vocals.  I guess to some people it might be
>unthinkable to have someone other than Plant handle the vocals.  What do
>you think?

Long answer -- I'd rather hear them play Freebird note-for-note, followed 
by a medley of the theme song from the TV show Friends, I Will Always Love 
You, Livin' La Vida Loca, Kyle's Mom Is a Big Fat B*tch from South Park, 
and that great song from Titanic, what's it called?  You know the one, the 
title's on the tip of my tongue...

Short answer -- No.

- --Dave Anderson.