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RE: Fumunda cheese...

- --- "Anderson, David" <David_Anderson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jimmy used to be an all-rounder.  You name it, and Pagey dabbled in it. 
> Acoustic, electric, funk, blues, rockabilly, folk, proto-metal, just about 
> every major style there is but classical and jazz.   The only other "rock" 
> player I can think of who is adept at as many styles as Page is Steve Howe 
> of Yes.

Don't forget John Paul Jones.  :-)

> In other words, the man who once adopted "ever onward" as a career strategy 
> seems to have settled for "I just wanna play Zeppelin."

Yep, he seems to have fallen into the classic rock bottomless pit of ennui. 
Sad, but true.  Zeppelin's so much more than that, and so is/was Jimmy Page.  

His comments on the stuff he's written about rhythm exercises and all that
certainly sound promising though.