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Re: Should Page/Crowes Play Stairway?

IMHO, the only circumstance under which Stairway should ever be played would be a 
full-blown reunion of Page, Plant and Jones, and then only as a one-off
performance.  I can understand Robert's aversion to playing it - at one time, the 
words probably held great meaning for him, but he probably finds it
distasteful to just go thru the motions for a song that's become somewhat trite.
Gilson said he would ban WLL from future performances.  I'd like to add Rock & Roll, 
Black Dog and Heartbreaker to the list of retired chestnuts.  That
would leave room for more songs like In The Light, Houses, Achilles, WTLB, T41, 
Carouselambra, etc.
I wouldn't mind hearing a re-worked Shining In The Light with some stronger guitars 
and punchier rhythm.  There's a great song obscured by the arrangement
and instrumentation.